We continue to collect and preserve documents and materials (audio and visual) of historical significance pertaining to the maritime heritage of our local area.




Harvesting the Chesapeake                             Larry Chowning


Deadrise and Crossplanked                             Larry Chowning


 Specific Chesapeake and its shores subjects – non-fiction only

-   Boats  
-   Boatbuilding  
-   Watermen and their families  
-   Flora and fauna  
-   History   
-   Archeology  
-   Geology  
-   Sea Chanties

Additionally, we hope to have a very limited collection of outstanding books on general historical ships and wooden boat building techniques.


Books we would like to add (LISTED BY TITLE) -  Similar books are welcomed!



A Chesapeake Family and their Slaves:

A Study in Historical Archaeology


Yentsch,  Elizabeth


A Family Story of Tangier Island


Jander, Anne



A Place in Time: Middlesex County Va.



Rutman, Darrett &

Rutman, Anita


A Portrait of Deltaville – 2001 edition

(we have the 1976)




Amazing Grace: Smith Island and the Chesapeake Watermen 


Wolf, Bernard


American Sea Songs and Chanteys


Shay, Frank


Amphibians and Reptiles of the

Carolinas and Virginia


Martof, Bernard


An Island Out of Time: A Memoir of

Smith Island in the Chesapeake


Horton, Tom


Batteaux: That Old Time Boating

on the James


Brown, David E


Books by Chapelle, Howard


We lost 12 : many out

of print.  Any Chapelle

book not on our "have"

list would be treasured.





Canoe Rig: The Essence and the Art: 

Sailpower for Antique and

Traditional Canoes


Bradshaw, Todd E


Canoeing the Indian Way


Pulling, Pierre


Capt. John Smith: Jamestown

and the Birth of the American Dream


Hoobler, Thomas &





Davidson, Cameron


Chesapeake Bay


Grieser, Robert


Chesapeake Bay in the Civil War


Mills, Eric


Chesapeake Bay: Nature of the

Estuary: A field guide


White, Christopher


Chesapeake Bay Sailing Craft


Brewington, M. V.


Chesapeake Bay Schooners


Snediker, Quentin &

Jensen, Anne


Chesapeake Cruise


Hillm Norman Alan


Chesapeake Invader

(the meteorite crater)


Poag, Wylie


Chesapeake Men: Their Stories - Their Memories


Parks, Don


Chesapeake People


Parks, Don


Chesapeake Pre-History:

Old Traditions, New Directions


Dent, Richard


Chesapeake Sailing Craft


Burgess, Robert H


Chesapeake Wildlife: Stories of Survival and Loss


Vojtech, Pat


Chesapeake: Exploring the Water Trail of Captain John Smith


Williams, John Page


Chesapeake Winds and Tides


Parks, Don


Classic American Runabouts, Wood Boats 1915-1965


Ballantyne, Philip B.
Colonial Chesapeake Society

Carr, Lois Green;

Morgan,Jean B. ed


Confederate Seadog:

John Taylor Wood in War and Exile


Bell, John


Crosscurrents in Quiet Water


White, Dan


Discovering the Chesapeake Bay:

History of an Ecosystem


Curtin, Phillip D.


Dogwatch and Liberty Days


Creighton, Margaret


Everyman's Book of Sea Songs


Baker, Richard Miall, Antony


Field Guide to the submerged

Vegetation of Chesapeake Bay


Hurley, Linda


Follow the Water


Lang, Varley


Fossil Sharks of the Chesapeake Bay Region


Kent, Bretton


Governor's Island: Gwynn's Island,

Virginia during the Revolution


Wrike, Peter Jennings


Historical Archaeology of the Chesapeake




Historic Buildings in Middlesex County


Ryland, et al


History and Progress in Mathews County


Mathews County

Historical Society


How to Build a Skipjack


Davis, Charles G.


In the Path of History, Virginia between the Rappahannock and Potomac


Netherton, Nan


Jamestown, The Buried Truth


Kelso, William M.


John Smith's Chesapeake Voyages



Roundtree, Helen

Mountford, C & K


Lancaster County, Virginia


Jett, Carolyn H.


Landfall along the Chesapeake:

In the Wake of Captain John Smith


Schmidt, Susan


Life and Death of the Chesapeake Bay


Schubel, J. R


Lost Lighthouses


Harrison, Tim & Jones,



Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pochhontas and the Start of a New Nation


Price, David A.




Burt, William


Molluscan Paleontology of the Chesapeake Miocene


Petuch, E & Drolshagen,



Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines:

A Guide to using, growing and propagating North American Plants


Cullina, William


Notes on the State of Virginia


Jefferson, Thomas


Plants of the Chesapeake Bay:

a guide to wildflowers, grasses, aquatic vegetation, trees, shrubs and other flora


Musselman,John &

Knopper, David


Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat


 Allen, Paula Gunn


Salt Tide


Badger, Curtis


Sea Songs and Ballads


Stone, Christopher


Sea Songs and Shanties


Whall, A. B.


Shantymen and Shantyboys


Dorflinger, William


Shipshape and Bristol Fashion


Borland, Loran C.


Skiffs and Schooners


Culler, R. D.


Songs of the Sailor and Lumbermen


Dorflinger, William




Sunup to Sundown: Watermen of the Chesapeake


Blackistone, Mick


Tangier Island


Shores, David L.


Tertiary Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Chesapeake Bay Region,

Virginia and Maryland




The Bay: A Naturalist Discovers

a universe of life


Klingel, Gilbert C.


The Best Loved American folk songs


Lomax, John Avery


The Book of Navy Songs


The Trident Society


The Bounty of the Chesapeake: Fishing in Colonial Virginia


Wharton, James


The Chanty Man Sings


Meloney, William

Brown IV


The Chesapeake Bay Crater: Geology and Geophisics of a Late Eocene Submarine Impact structure


Koeberi & Wolf


The Chesapeake in the 17th Century


Tate, Tadd &

Ammerman, David


The Complete works of Captain

John Smith (1580-1631)


Barbour, Phillip L.


The Confederate Navy: A pictorial history


Stern, Phillip Van Doren


The Firest Seventeen Years, Virginia



Hatch, Charles E., Jr.


The Jamestown Adventure


Southern, Ed, editor


The Last Generation:  a History of a Chesapeake Bay Shipbuilding Family


Footner, Geoffrey


The Outlaw Gunner


Walsh, Harry M.


The Oxford Book of Sea Songs


Palmer, Roy


The Transformation of Virginia



Isaac, Rhys


The Virgiinia Adventure; Roanoke

to James Towne: an Archaeological and Historical Odyssey


Hume, Ivor Noel


The Workboats of Smith Island


Johnson, Paula J.


They Live by the Wind


Bradley, Wendell P.


Tobacco Coast: A Maritime History of Chesapeake Bay in the Colonial Era


Middleton, Arthus



Urbanna, A Port Town in Virginia,



Ryland, Evelyn


Voices of the Chesapeake Bay


Buckley, Michael


Won't You Help Me Raise 'em


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