Nominations for the DMM Board 2019

Dear Members, It is that time of year for nominations to your Board. The following Board members are up for re-election: Bob LeBoeuf, Chuck McGhinnis, Frank Johnson, Dieter Hoinkes, Duanne Hawkins & Richard Rodgers. Frank Johnson & Dieter Hoinkes are not running for re-election, and Paula Sumrall has resigned for personal reasons. We ask that members provide the nominating committee with names of individuals they believe would be willing to serve on the Board. These nominees must be submitted to the museum office no later than June 30, 2019. No nominations will be accepted after this date, including any nominations from the floor at the annual membership meeting.


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… where maritime history comes to life. Peruse our website, then come to see our beautiful and exciting park and museum for yourself.

Our exhibits reveal the maritime history of the Deltaville area beginning with the catastrophic impact of the Delmarva meteorite 35 million years ago and chronicle the more modern period of area wooden boatbuilding beginning in the late 1800's. Bring history alive by joining us for our Family Boatbuilding Week, where families build a Wright Skiff very much like the small utility boats John Wright built here in Deltaville around the 1930's.


   We look forward to your visit!

The Deltaville Maritime Museum offers an ever-changing lineup of exhibits and activities. Come back often. Our website will keep you up-to-date, and you also can read about our history, see our beautiful grounds, and get to know our team.

The mission of the Deltaville Maritime Museum is to acquire, document, display and preserve materials that are historically important to Middlesex County, Virginia and the lower Chesapeake Bay; with special emphasis on activities relating to the boat building industry and the lives of those affected by this industry. The museum’s further mission is, through a series of interactive activities such as Family Boatbuilding Week, to ensure the future of boat building skills.


The Holly Point Nature Park’s mission is to provide a surrounding setting which will encourage a continuing habitat for indigenous flora and fauna; the park being available for visitors to enjoy while visiting the museum or participating in its activities.

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