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                                                               About Us

Deltaville Maritime Museum is located in a newly constructed building that was designed similar to the old Stingray Point Hotel which in 1964 was painted red and later called "The Old Red Barn".  In 2012 our museum was damaged and our pavilion was destroyed in a fire.  As a result of that destruction, some hard decisions had to be made.  Do we repair, replace or begin anew?  The decision was made to use our biggest asset, our 30 plus acres and  build on it.  With support from the community and our growing number of volunteers, the pavilion was completed in 2013.  The following year the museum was built and in June of 2014 the museum opened with John M. Barber's "​Chesapeake" 50 Years of Maritime Art.

The building is a place where tradition meets progress, and it reflects the values of our vibrant community. The rebuild project was realized with the help of generous donors and countless hours of fundraising, and the Deltaville Maritime Museum is grateful to everyone who made this possible.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the incredibly dedicated and talented museum staff.  They are here to maintain the collection, the exhibits and answer all of your questions.

Deltaville Maritime Museum's employees are highly-motivated, experienced and dedicated to the success of the museum.

Our Team

  • Kristen DeGraw
  • Administrative Director
  • kristendmm@verizon.net
  • Renee Aldridge
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Jamie Hall
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Nic Bertrand 
  • Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 
  • Chris Dickerson 
  • Grounds and Maintenance 
  • Brian McCreary 
  • Gounds and Maintenance 
  • David Moran 
  • Assistant Museum Registrar 


Our Board

Rob Brooks

John England

Marjorie Goettle

Eddie Harrow

Duanne Hawkins

Dieter Hoinkes

Frank Johnson

Lud Kimbrough

Bob LeBoeuf

Chuck McGhinnis

Bill Powell

Richard Rodgers

Raynell Smith

Marvin Tiller

Dick Urban

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