DMM sponsors understand the importance of the Museum’s activities to the quality of life in our community.  A DMM sponsorship often means the difference between having an event or not. Businesses, foundations, and individuals backing the museum through sponsorship have the satisfaction of seeing their donation have a direct and positive impact on a particular activity.  Support of this sort creates a positive relationship between sponsors and their community. 



  Opportunities for Sponsorship include:

  • Festival Events
  • Media- Sponsor printed or radio ads
  • New Exhibit Sponsor- opening and reception
  • Vessel Sponsor- maintenance or a special event
  • Local Merchant Discounts (coupons for discounts at merchants and facilities near-by to be given as a Museum member benefit)
  • Memorial garden, a bench, a sculpture



To inquire about how to become a sponsor, contact the Deltaville Maritime Museum at 804-776-7200 and they will refer you to the director in charge of the activity that you want to sponsor. You can also call  Raynell Smith, Director of Development- at 804-815-3102  or email d.development@deltavillemuseum.com


















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