Woodland Garden

        Our woodland sculpture garden is our own magic hidden garden. Set in 100’ tall pine trees bounded to the east by Mill Creek, south by our camellia garden, our natural earthen path meanders past bronze statues of geese, cranes, pelicans, frogs and foxes. Alas, even a wonderful sunflower sculpture. Teak benches offer many places to rest, think and enjoy our magic garden. Most azaleas bloom in spring; our azaleas bloom spring and fall. Our garden was inspired by our loved ones who are no longer with us. Come share and enjoy what some people say is the only bird sculpture garden of its kind in Virginia.

        The original idea for the garden was conceived by Bob Kates. Bob went to Gene Ruark, who thought it was a great idea; but thought that bronze sculptures and benches should be added. Then Sarah “Sally” Harrison stepped up to the plate and donated our first sculpture—“Geese in Flight.” Sally was so pleased that she immediately  donated 250 azaleas.