Permanent Exhibits

Our museum is divided into four collections. One room is filled with exquisite models; some of the early American Navy and some of other historic interest such as the whale ship Charles Morgan and the Swedish flagship, Wassa.


Another room is devoted to the working boats of the Chesapeake and includes models of every type of boat used to work the waters of Chesapeake Bay. A section of this room is devoted to the stories of the restoration of two very particular working vessels:  the W. A Johns, a three log bottomed sailing canoe, and the F. D. Crocket, a nine log bottom buy boat.


A third room deals with boatbuilding in Middlesex County. Boatbuilders from the County are located on a large wall map and their stories are told through a series of write-ups and photos. This exhibit expands constantly as additional information comes in to us. Included in this room are displays about boatbuilding projects undertaken in the museum shop, such as the shallop,Explorer, the tender to the schooner Virginia, and the James River bateau, Ladys’ Slipper.


The museum collection is not confined to the building. Outside are a dozen exhibits dealing with boats and equipment used to work and play on the water. On our pier you will find the F.D. Crockett, the Explorer, and local workboats, all on display. Our outdoor exhibits are open are open every day from dusk until dawn and are free of charge.