If you might be interested in donating a book to our new library, clink on the "Donate a book" link to the left. A list of books we would like to replace will also be posted in the museum office. 

As you can see above, the fire heavily damaged our library.  Sadly, all of our books were so water & smoke damaged that we must start all over.  What it looked like before the fire is shown in the picture below. 

 The museum library's purpose is to collect and preserve documents and materials (audio and visual) of historical significance pertaining to the maritime heritage of our local area.

 As we lost all of our books, we have the opportunity to decide what to include in our new collection. One thing is sure. The library will be more focused on our mission than our old was. Donations of books on wooden boatbuilding, local maritime history including John Smith, &  Chesapeake Bay boats will certainly become part of our new collection. All donations of maritime non-fiction books will benefit the museum. Even if we cannot use a donated book, Raynell Smith will sell it at Nauti Nell’s & donate the proceeds back to the museum. 



The library we lost